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Hello, thanks for checking out my website! Here's a little bit about me. I have always had a fascination in art and pictures ever since I was a small boy. I gained a grade A in O`Level art and left school not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I completed a HND in Graphic Design by the age of 20 but was not convinced this was where my interests lay. A succession of jobs followed while my love of painting grew. In my spare time I taught myself how to paint and read every art book I could get my hands on. My style has constantly evolved, initially I was very interested in the impressionists and their bold use of colour.


In recent years i've consentrated on painting English landscapes. I love the changing seasons of the year, and find my inspiratrion there. I love wildlife and sometimes various creatures wander into my paintings.


I'm probably best know for my "One man and his dog" series of paintings. Where an older gentleman walks his faithful hound through the English landscape.


I'm also interested in English traditions and folklore, and recently completed a set of paintings inspired by the "little people.."



In January 2014 I took voluntary redundancy from my full time job and I'm now pursuing my art full time. I'm dedicating all my effort now to being the best artist that I can. I'm happy to say my paintings are becoming increasingly collectable. I have customers from all over the world, and have sent works to many countries including, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all over Europe.


Its hopefully going to be a long and exciting journey. I am grateful for every painting I sell, and hope some of you will be interested enough to follow me in my progress.



Thanks for reading.


Steve 2018

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