Tuesday 15th November 2016Lino cut printing.

I've recently decided to have a go at doing some lino cut prints.
It's a very hands on way of making limited edition prints, using flat layers of colour.
I'm starting off doing single colour prints, but I may try doing a few layers of different colours as I get more experienced.
For those who don't know what lino cutting is, I will explain the technique.
You start off with a sheet of lino, my sheets are 8x6" nothing to large as its a fairly slow process, the bigger you go the longer it takes.
You then draw your image onto the lino, you can colour in the imagine to give you an idea how it will print. Keeping in mind the finished print will be in reverse! Importantt to remember if you are doing lettering.
Once you have the image down, its time to start cutting out, with special chisels of various sizes and shapes.
Its takes some time but is quite relaxing, you need to take it easy, as if you slip, thats it, you can't go back!
It's a case of carving out all the areas you don't want ink, as you can see in the above photo, you really can't rush it.
Once it's all done, it can be then used to print from.
Next you need a piece of glass, where you can spread your ink. I use the best quality oil based inks. The ink is then spread evenly with a roller.
Next the inked roller is used to spread the ink carefully over the lino. Not pressing to hard, slowly building up the ink layer.
Then is a matter of lining your paper up and laying it onto the inked lino.
Pressure is then applied to the paper, the back of a wood spoon is ideal for this. You can use a roller press at this stage ,but they are quite expensive items, so for now its the manual way! It can take 5 minutes to get the ink to transfer evenly, again it can't be rushed. Then when you think it's evenly spread and has transferred to the paper, (you can have a look under the paper if you are careful) the paper is the gently lifted off revealing the final print.
I really like the simple graphic image produced, and hope to do more prints soon, inbetween my painting. They will be very limited editions, only doing 10 of this one!

Posted on November 15th 2016 on 06:22pm

Monday 16th May 2016White on Black

A short video showing a few of my drawings on black paper, if you fancy one of your own dog, I would be happy to look at any photos you may have.
Please click the youtube link below to watch the video.

Posted on May 16th 2016 on 08:27pm

Thursday 11th February 2016One Man and his Dog Video..

A short video made just for fun, showing a selection of paintings I term, "One man and his dog" this is not all of them by any means,
I hope you like....
Please click the link below to watch

Posted on February 11th 2016 on 09:29pm

Thursday 06th August 2015Thoughts on my drawings..

Hello folks,
Here's a few photos of my latest study. I really enjoy doing these drawings on black paper, although it is a bit like drawing in negative! But it's a great exercise in study of tone, ie lights and darks.
The start of a drawing is always tricky, sometimes the first lines fall into place just right, other times it can take a bit longer to get the proportions just right. The first few marks must be very light indeed, as they usually will need adjusting as the drawing takes shape.
It's always a great moment when the drawing springs to life, usually when the eye goes in!
Drawing the hair is almost like meditation, the pencil flicking over the paper, whilst my eyes dart back and forth to the reference photo, sometimes my mind literally shuts down and I don't think about anything, certain areas seem to almost draw themselves.
When the drawing is looking nearly finished, I usually then work over it again, bringing out the highlights by using the pencil a little harder to make the marks whiter. I know when a picture is finished when I sit there staring at it, and the hand stops drawing.........and that's it. It is easy to over work a drawing, you need to know when to stop!
Catch you next time, Steve

Posted on August 06th 2015 on 04:00pm

Tuesday 21st July 2015Work in progress....

A sneaky behind the scenes view of my latest painting, still a very long way to go, but the foundations are there.....really just working out the dark and light areas, but have done a bit of detail on the figure.
And here is the finished painting, The bridge runs over the river Brock, its a local beauty spot known as "Brock Bottoms". I've no idea where the Bottoms bit comes in..... :)

Posted on July 21st 2015 on 04:32pm

Tuesday 14th July 2015Beautiful...but my favourite fish is still cod...

Here's my latest work, this is actually my local aquatic store, as im also a keen fish keeper.
Took a few photos a while ago, and i've been meaning to paint this one for ages.
So I thought it was about time.
This is happily  now sold, so that's why its not on the new paintings page.
Prints are now available for this one!

Posted on July 14th 2015 on 07:59pm

Monday 13th July 2015Greyhound face studies

A couple of Greyhound face studies from the last couple of days, I don't know why but I like drawing on black paper.....

Posted on July 13th 2015 on 05:58pm

Wednesday 08th July 2015Time lapse video

Here is a little time lapse video of a painting I did a couple of years ago....wish I could really paint this fast! :)

Posted on July 08th 2015 on 06:42pm

Wednesday 08th July 2015Hi welcome to my new blog!!

A place where I will be posting works in progress, behind the scenes stuff and general arty musings!
Feel free to comment on anything I post :)
This is my little friend who casts a beady eye over my work!

Posted on July 08th 2015 on 04:19pm
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