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Thursday 06th August 2015Thoughts on my drawings..

Hello folks,
Here's a few photos of my latest study. I really enjoy doing these drawings on black paper, although it is a bit like drawing in negative! But it's a great exercise in study of tone, ie lights and darks.
The start of a drawing is always tricky, sometimes the first lines fall into place just right, other times it can take a bit longer to get the proportions just right. The first few marks must be very light indeed, as they usually will need adjusting as the drawing takes shape.
It's always a great moment when the drawing springs to life, usually when the eye goes in!
Drawing the hair is almost like meditation, the pencil flicking over the paper, whilst my eyes dart back and forth to the reference photo, sometimes my mind literally shuts down and I don't think about anything, certain areas seem to almost draw themselves.
When the drawing is looking nearly finished, I usually then work over it again, bringing out the highlights by using the pencil a little harder to make the marks whiter. I know when a picture is finished when I sit there staring at it, and the hand stops drawing.........and that's it. It is easy to over work a drawing, you need to know when to stop!
Catch you next time, Steve

Posted on August 06th 2015 on 04:00pm


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